Strength and Health, November 1935

Table of Contents

The Great Strength And Health Self Improvement Contest5
A Toast of Admiration for Men of StrengthJack Mitchell6
Secrets for Gaining WeightDr Frederick Tilney8
Brief Stories of Strong MenRay Van Cleef10
Build Health By Better Eating HabitsDr Walter C LaBerge11
A Brief Story of Dumbbells in Physical TrainingBob Hoffman12
The Nemesis of DevelopmentGeorge F Jowett14
The Importance of a Knowledge of the Human BodyDr D A Downing16
A Tale of the Survival of the FittestAlan Carse18
Carl Abs, Pioneer German Strong ManSiegmund Klein19
Gordon Venables, Athlete ExtraordinaryHarry Good20
Espeically for Strength and Health's BoysBob Hoffman22
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney23
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney24
Practial Hints of Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman24
The MatBob Hoffman25
The Mad EmperorCharles L Collins26
Strength and Health League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Report of Lifting Shows and Events30

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