Strength and Health, December 1935

Table of Contents

Bar Bell Activities in Dallas, Texas3
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney5
Editorial Bob Hoffman7
How to Overcome Timidity, Shyness, BashfulnessDr Frederick Tilney8
Brief Sotries of Famous Strength AthletesRay Van Cleef10
The Results Weight Training Will Bring UsRoger Eells11
What You May ExpectBob Hoffman12
The Finished Athlete of StrengthSiegmund Klein14
Perfect Health Can Be YoursDr Frederick Tilney16
A Tale of the Survival of the FittestAlan Carse18
The History of the Ancient Olympic GamesBob Hoffman19
Bob Dudley a Sensational Lifter and Strong Man of the NavyCharles L Collins20
Espeically for Strength and Health's BoysBob Hoffman22
Physical Training Builds a Beauty of Face and FigureRosetta Hoffman23
The MatBob Hoffman24
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney25
The Story of Tony Sansone, Super Specimen of Physical DevelopmentHarry Good26
Strength and Health League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Report of Lifting Shows and Events30

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