Strength and Health, January 1936

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney3
Exercise of the Month4
Editorial Bob Hoffman5
How Strong is the Average ManBob Hoffman8
My Trip to the Strength & Health CityDr Frederick Tilney10
Are You Gambling With Health ?Dr Walter C LaBerge11
Health, Strength and Beauty for the LadiesRosetta Hoffman12
Anthony Terlazzo Breaks Three World's RecordsBob Hoffman14
Dick Bachtell, One of the World's StrongestHarry Good16
Survival of the FittestAlan Carse18
Brief Stories of Strong Men the World OverNorman Miller19
George HackenSchmidt, the Russian LionRobert L Jones20
Especially for Strength and Health's BoysBob Hoffman22
Cables in Physical TrainingDr D A Downing23
The MatBob Hoffman24
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney25
Richard the Lion HeartedCharles L Collins25
S & H League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Lifting Shows and Events31

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