Strength and Health, February 1936

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney3
The American Weight Lifting Olympic Fund4
EditorialBob Hoffman5
The Great Strength and Health Self Improvement Contest7
Why We Need Strength and MuscleBob Hoffman8
Are You A Guinea Pig ?Dr D A Downing10
Build Health Through Abdominal StrengthDr Walter C LaBerge11
Physical Training for The LadiesRosetta Hoffman12
No Colds This WinterDr Frederick Tilney14
The Worlds's Strongest Weight Lifting TeamHarry Good16
Stanley Kratkowski, U.S. ChampionAlan Carse18
Brief Stories of Strong MenNorman Miller19
Genghis Khan, The ConquerorCharles L Collins20
Life and Training of the Jahn FamilyRay Van Cleef22
Especially for S. & H. BoysBob Hoffman23
Your Training Problems24
Ask Strength and Health25
How Much Can You Bent Press ?Siegmund Klein26
S & H League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Lifting Shows and Events31
A Free Contest Open to All46

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