Strength and Health, April 1936

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney3
Exercise of the Month4
Editorial - Sitting On Top Of The WorldBob Hoffman5
We Hear from S. & H. Magazine Readers7
SuccessDr Frederick Tilney8
Observing Nature's LawDr Walter C LaBerge10
Strong Men the World OverNorman Miller11
The Japanese Art of Jiu JitsuWib Scharzberger12
Is Your Diet Adequate ?Dr D A Downing14
Harry B Paschall, Improvement Contest WinnerSiegmund Klein16
Prolong Your YouthRosetta Hoffman18
Improving Athletic Ability Through TrainingBob Hoffman19
Wilbert ScharzbergerAlan Carse20
Modernize Your BodyDr Frederick Tilney22
Arthur Saxon, Strong Man of GermanyHarry Good23
Your Training Problems24
Ask Strength & Health25
The Best Way to Clean and JerkBob Hoffman26
S & H League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Lifting Shows and Events31
The American Weight Lifting Olypmic Fund39

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