Strength and Health, June 1936

Table of Contents

Exercise of the Month4
The America Weight Lifting Olympic Fund4
Editorial - Making the Most of the Summer SeasonBob Hoffman5
How to Regain Your HealthDr Frederick Tilney6
Learn To Swim the Crawl StrokeBob Hoffman8
What Would You Give To Possess a Slender Waistline?Rosetta Hoffman10
The Good Old Summer TimeBob Hoffman12
Outdoor Life Promotes HealthDr Frederick Tilney14
Closing Chapter of Arthur Saxon StoryWilliam Oliphant15
Readers Voice Their Opinions with Comments16
Simple Tumbling Feats You Should LearnEd Jacobson18
America's Chances in the OlympicsAlan Carse19
Clark Haskins of the Detroit Police - A Real ManHarry Good20
The World's Best Built Man?Norman Miller22
Cass Kratkowski, Improvement Contest WinnerSiegmund Klein23
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman24
Ask Strength & HealthDr Frederick Tilney25
Keeping Fit the Easy WayWib Scharzberger26
S & H League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Lifting Shows and Events31

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