Strength and Health, August 1936

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney3
Exercise of the Month4
Editorial - What Can We Believe ?Bob Hoffman5
Be Master of Your Own DestinyDr Frederick Tilney6
Chief Moquin - The Strongest Man In The WorldAl Crossland8
Are You Chained to the Tobacco Habit ?Dr Jesse Mercer Gehman9
America's Chances In The OlympicsBob Hoffman10
Are You Getting Your Share of Sunlight ?Dr D A Downing14
Health Fallacies - Do You Believe Them ?Norman Miller15
The Effects of ExerciseBob Hoffman16
Especially for Strength & Health's Boys18
Muscle Bound FrankAlan Carse19
Strong Men of History - Buffalo Bill CodyBob Hoffman20
Sleep - One of the Essentials of HealthRosetta Hoffman22
Our Readers Opinion24
Ask Strength & Health25
All Around Development Through Dumbell TrainingWib Scharzberger26
S & H League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Lifting Shows and Events31
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein33

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