Strength and Health, November 1936

Table of Contents

Super Men - Some of the World's Strongest and Best Built Men2
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney3
Editorial - Can We Disregard the Rules and Be Healthy and HappyBob Hoffman5
Searching for the Fountain of YouthBob Hoffman6
Keeping Fit in Ten Minutes a WeekDr Frederick Tilney8
What Are Your Chances For Success And Happiness ?10
Those Egyptians - Are They Supermen ?Bob Hoffman12
The Strength & Health Center of the WorldNorman Miller14
What Really Happened at the OlympicsBob Hoffman16
Don't Fight Your Nerves - Feed ThemDr Frederick Tilney18
"Connie" Caruccio - The World's Premier Lady GymnastRosetta Hoffman20
Francis Millard - This Month's Self Improvement Contest WinnerAlan Carse21
How Strong is a Gorilla ?Bob Hoffman22
Your Training Problems24
Ask Strength & Health25
Some of the Best ExercisesWib Scharzberger26
S. & League Notes28
Canadian National Exhibition Lifitng Championships29
Weight Lifting News31
Sig Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein33
Exercise of the Month35

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