Strength and Health, December 1936

Table of Contents

Editorial - Starting Our Fifth YearBob Hoffman4
Exercise of the Month4
American S & H League Notes6
Test Your Strength With Standard Exercises8
Report of Weight Lifting Contests9
Your Training Problems12
Health Hints14
Best Photo Contest15
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
What To Do When Sickness ComesDr Frederick Tilney16
Everett Marshall - World's Champion WrestlerRoger Eells18
Betty Robinson - A Champion Who Came BackRosetta Hoffman19
A Man Is As Old As His LegsBob Hoffman20
The Hand Balance - How and WhyRobert L Jones22
If You Lived 1,000,000 Years Ago ?Bob Hoffman24
Young Bodies For Old !Dr Walter C LaBerge26
Natural Strength vs. Made StrengthHarry B Paschall28
Dumbells in Physical TrainingWib Scharzberger30
Those Egyptians - Are They Supermen ?Bob Hoffman32
Especially for Strength & Health's Boys34
The World's Greatest FakirBob Hoffman35

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