Strength and Health, February 1937

Table of Contents

Editorial - "Wake Up, America"Bob Hoffman4
Exercise of the Month4
Best Photo Contest5
American S & H League Notes6
"Cheers and Jeers", Letters From Our Readers7
Weight Lifting News8
Shows and Events9
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
Kill That ColdDr Frederick Tilney16
Why East 3 Meals a Day ?18
Muscle COntrol As An Aid to StrengthDr Walter C LaBerge19
A Man Is As Old As His LegsBob Hoffman20
What Kind of a Girl Is a Girl Athlete ?Rosetta Hoffman23
The Zimmerman BoysWib Scharzberger24
Oddities in MedicineNorman Miller25
Developing the ChsetRoger Eells26
Samsons of the Animal KingdomAlan Carse28
Physical Training in the Ancient WorldBob Hoffman30
The Story of Ronald Walker32
Pressing Up Into a HandstandRobert L Jones34

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