Strength and Health, June 1937

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Message to MothersBob Hoffman3
Exercise of the Month4
American Strength & Health League Notes6
Letters From Our Readers7
Weight Lifting NewsBob Hoffman8
Shows and Events9
Your Training Problems12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
A Gymnasium in Every HomeDr D A Downing16
Incredible But True18
Strength and Health OdditiesOtis Bainbridge18
The Masculine Physique at Its Best - John Grimek19
Big Arms - How to Build ThemBob Hoffman20
Eugen Sandow - The Nonpareil22
Building the Strength to Do ThingsTony Sansone24
Both Sides of the Smoking Question25
Johnny Weismuller - Screen Tarzan and World's Fastest SwimmerNorman Miller26
Are Colored Men Superior Physically?Bob Hoffman28
Give Your Body a Fresh Start This SummerDr Frederick Tilney30
Easy to Have a Normal FigureRosetta Hoffman32
Get in Trim for the Summer Season33
Romeo Bergeron - Improvement Contest WinnerAlan Carse34
Ask The Doctor50

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