Strength and Health, July 1937

Table of Contents

Editorial - Fresh Air and SunshineBob Hoffman3
Exercise of the Month4
American S & H League Notes6
Letters From Our Readers7
Weight Lifting NewsBob Hoffman8
Shows and Events10
Your Training Problems12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
The Secret of Getting What You WantDr Frederick Tilney16
Incredible But TrueGord Venables18
The Masculine Physique At Its Best19
Big Arms - How To Get ThemBob Hoffman20
Joe Lambert - A Romance of Strength22
A Miricale of Bar Bells - Bob JonesTony Sansone24
From Weakling to Champion - Eddie HarrisonNorman Miller25
Are You Afraid to Die ?Bob Hoffman26
You Can Learn to Swim in an HourWib Scharzberger28
The World's Strongest WomanRosetta Hoffman30
Can a Business Man Keep Fit ?Bob Hoffman32
Both Sides of the Smoking Question35
Ask The DoctorDr Frederick Tilney50

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