Strength and Health, November 1937

Table of Contents

Editorial - Exercise Lengthens LifeBob Hoffman4
Exercise of the Month5
American S & H League Notes6
Letters From Our Readers7
Weight Lifting NewsBob Hoffman8
Shows and Events10
Your Training Problems12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
Healthier, Happier FeetDr Frederick Tilney16
Incredible But TrueGord Venables18
Judo - Jiu JitsuLt Anthony R Flores19
I'm Too Tired to ExerciseBob Hoffman20
Correct Eating or ExerciseRosetta Hoffman22
Animal Samsons - The BirdsWeldon Bullock23
You Need Good LegsBob Hoffman24
The Battle of Paris or "Innocents Abroad"Gord Venables26
Learn the One Hand BalanceRobert L Jones30
Correct PostureRay Van Cleef32
How Good Was Sandow34
He Didn't Want To Be An AthleteDick Zimmerman36
Frank Jares - Pacific Coast HerculesWib Scharzberger37

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