Strength and Health, August 1938

Table of Contents

Weight Lifting News4
Shows And Events6
S & H Leaguer's Page8
Letters From Readers9
Editorial - Are You Your Own Best Friend ?Bob Hoffman10
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
Batta Win Himself A WifeAlma Venables16
Keep Fit And Guard HealthRay Van Cleef17
Incredible But TrueGord Venables18
Know Your BodyDr D A Downing19
Manger Wins For Germany !Bob Hoffman20
Steve Stank - The Human DerrickJay C Gee22
"The Four Hundred Pound Club"24
Now Is The Time To Give More Thought To Your Health And StrengthDr Frederick Tilney26
Health and Beauty Through ExerciseRosetta Hoffman28
Tommy PedderGord Venables30
One Chance in 1000 !Petros Sheik Mar Allah31
My First Course In 'Barbell Training'Bob Hoffman32
Mind and BodyRoger Eells34

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