Strength and Health, December 1938

Table of Contents

Weight Lifting News4
Shows And Events6
S & H Leaguer's Page8
Letters From Readers9
Editorial - Our Aniversary NumberBob Hoffman10
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman12
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney14
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein15
Another Barbell Miracle ! John KoshaRoger Eells16
Men Don't Crack At 40Arthur V Livingston17
Incredible But TrueGord Venables18
Know Your BodyDr D A Downing19
How To Broaden Your ShouldersBob Hoffman20
"It Can Happen Here !"Gord Venables22
Father Knew BestRobert L Jones23
You Can't Be Beautiful If You're Not FitElmer Farnham24
Help Yourself To Health And SuccessDr Frederick Tilney26
What Becomes Of The All-American Football Player ?28
Weightlifting StylesBob Hoffman30
1938 World's ChampsBob Hoffman31
The Story of Jesse James [wrestler]Norman Miller32
A Strength Star at 70 !Dick Zimmerman34

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