Strength and Health, June 1940

Table of Contents

Modern Physique ClassicsJohn C Grimek2
Editorial - "Do You Have Enough Will Power?"Bob Hoffman5
Middle Atlantic ChampionshipsGord Venables6
Letters From Readers10
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman12
Super Men - John TerlazzoCharles Tiffin13
America S & H League Notes15
Incredible But TrueGord Venables17
"Two Seats On The Isle"Harry B Paschall19
Bob Hoffman Picks the 1940 Champions !Bob Hoffman20
What Kind of Exercise Is Best ?Clifford Morrow22
The Value of MassageRay Van Cleef25
Can You Beat These Balances ?Robert L Jones26
Glimpses of the Champions - Steve StankoWib Scharzberger29
Healthy Skin Can Be YourDr Walter C LaBerge31
Hints for Getting Better Phisque PicturesJohn C Grimek33
Photo Contest Winners - Bob Moran34
Spring Is Here34
How To Strengthen Your EyesBob Hoffman36
YOU Can Learn to Swim!John DeBarbadillo38
The Junior National Championships40
Father of American Wight LiftingBob Hoffman42
York Spring Strength ShowDick Zimmerman44
Success StoriesElmer Farnham46
The Bent Press ChampionshipsSiegmund Klein48
The York Cable ContestGord Venables49
Ask The Doctor66

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