Strength and Health, July 1940

Table of Contents

Editorial - How's Your PersonalityBob Hoffman3
Letters From Readers8
Henry Steinborn Fools Them AllBob Schmidt10
Your Training ProblemsBob Hoffman12
Super Men - Bill LeardiCharles Tiffin13
Broadway BreavitiesHarry B Paschall15
Incredible But TrueGord Venables17
Are the Germans a Superior People ?Bob Hoffman19
Building the American TorsoRobert L Jones20
Constipation - Are You a Victim ?Ray Van Cleef22
Mr. America ContestSiegmund Klein23
Physical Perfection the Home Gym WayBob Hoffman24
Photo Contest Winners - Bob Schmid26
Problems of YouthDr D A Downing26
Do You Enjoy Living ?Bob Hoffman28
1940 Senior National Championships30
Success StoriesElmer Farnham32
Fun In The SunDr Walter C LaBerge34
American S & H League Notes36
Ask The Doctor50

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