Strength and Health, August 1940

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Power of ConcentrationBob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News4
Letters From Readers8
Are the Germans a Superior People ?Bob Hoffman10
Your Training Problems12
Super Men - Davis AsnisCharles Tiffin13
The Liars Club15
Incredible But TrueGord Venables17
The Great WalkmirRay Van Cleef19
How are your "External Obliques?"Bob Hoffman20
Do You Want More Weight ?Dr Walter C LaBerge22
Mr. America ContestSiegmund Klein23
Annual S. & Health PicnicWib Scharzberger24
Photo Contest Winners - John J Gallagher26
Qualifed Personal Instructions26
Fun at the BeachNorman Miller28
Self Improvement Contest30
Exercise of the Champions33
The North Woods and 3 Barbellers Tommy Peder34
American S & H League Notes36
Ask the Doctor50

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