Strength and Health, October 1940

Table of Contents

Editorial - Physical PreparednessBob Hoffman3
International Weightlifting Championships4
American S & H League Notes6
Letters From Readers8
A Swedish King of StrengthRay Van Cleef10
Your Training Problems12
Supermen: Barton HorvathCharles Tiffin13
The Law of CompensationHarry B Paschall15
Incredible But TrueGord Venables17
I Will Be Strong !Dr Walter C LaBerge19
The Nations Build the Bodies of Their YouthRobert Arndt20
Do You Know This Man ?22
A Yank in IndiaDorris Hillgardner23
Do You Want A Body Like Mine ?Robert L Jones24
Photo Contest Winners - Conrad Berg24
How I Built These Arms !John C Grimek26
Weight Lifting in PittsburghWilbur J Smith28
Success StoriesElmer Farnham30
The "Iron Boot" In Physical TrainingBob Hoffman32
The Exercise of the MonthDick Zimmerman34
Ask The Doctor50

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