Strength and Health, December 1940

Table of Contents

Editorial - If You're Selected For ServiceBob Hoffman3
Weight Lifting News4
The Greatest Lifting the World Has Ever SeenGord Venables5
American S & H League Notes7
Letters From Readers8
New York Invitation MeetBob Hoffman10
Your Training Problems12
Superman - Jack ChanningCharles Tiffin13
Tornado in ToledoHarry B Paschall15
Incredible But TrueGord Venables17
How Many Repetitions ?Bob Hoffman19
"That Was the Toughest One!"Robert L Jones20
Paul Sadoni, Heavyweight JugglerRay Van Cleef22
Carl Cathey, Mr Pacific CoastWm. C. Hasketh Jr23
Foundations For A Successful LifeDr Walter C LaBerge24
Photo Contest Winners - Oscar Heidenstam24
Are You Taking Part in the National Physical Fitness Program ?26
Recondition YourselfJohn C Grimek28
Success StoriesElmer Farnham30
How To Preserve health and Attain StrengthEugen Sandow32
Animals as Contributors to ScienceBob Hoffman34
Ask The Doctor50

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