Strength and Health, March 1941

Table of Contents

Editorial - The 100th Issue of Strength & Health MagazineBob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News4
Shows and Events6
Klein's KolumnSiegmund Klein9
Letters from Readers with Caustic Comments10
Superman - Rudy GambacortaCharles Tiffin10
Your Training Problems and Their Analysis15
Who's Who in WeightliftingTony Terlazzo17
Strong Men of the PastJohn C Grimek18
American Strength & Health Leaguer Notes19
Super Strength Through Cable StretchingBob Hoffman20
Lifting Around AmericaBob Hoffman22
1941 Self Improvement Contest25
S. & H. Develop All the Muscles ChartGord Venables29
Incredible But TrueGord Venables30
Amand Tanny, Pacific Coast ChampionJohn C Grimek32
Will Power Your Way to HealthDr Walter C LaBerge34
Don't Discount Your Last 2%Robert L Jones38
Official Rules and Regulations40
The Correct Way to Lift40
Man or Animal, Which is the Stronger Bob Hoffman42
The Girl on the Cover, Pauline PowellReyam Sherman44
The Man on the Cover - Bill CurryBill Curry45
Who Said the "Weaker Sex" ?Grace Bard46
Five Body Beautifying ExercisesGord Venables47
Success StoriesElmer Farnham48
Cross Country CaravanHarry B Paschall50
Ask the Doctor66

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