Strength and Health, September 1941

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Happy ?Bob Hoffman3
West Coast ColumnVic Tanny4
Supermen - Bob HarleyCharles Tiffin5
Training Problems5
Who's Who in WeightliftingTony Terlazzo7
Letters From Readers8
Weightlifting News9
Those Free Wheeling MusclesRobert L Jones12
Incredible But TrueGord Venables15
S. & H. Leaguers Page17
A Tribute: Warren Lincoln TravisSiegmund Klein18
What Can You Do ?Jules Bacon19
S. & H. Goes to the River20
Developing the PectorialsBob Hoffman22
Lifting 'Round AmericaBob Hoffman24
The Best Exercise25
The Story of the York Barbell CompanyAlan Carse26
Who Said - "The Weaker Sex" !Grace Bard30
Some Hair-Rasing ExperiencesGord Venables31
Additional Self Improvement Winners32

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