Strength and Health, November 1941

Table of Contents

Editorial - National Physical FitnessBob Hoffman3
West Coast ColumnVic Tanny4
Supermen - Michael MungioliCharles Tiffin5
Training Problems5
Who's Who In Weight LiftingTony Terlazzo7
Letters From Readers8
There Are Other Lifts !Henry Connelly9
Weightlifting News11
Lifting Around AmericaJohn Terpak12
Elwood HolbrookReyam Sherman13
Incredible But TrueGord Venables15
S. & H. Leaguers Page16
Men Who Do The PlancheRobert L Jones17
The Return of Jack and JimBob Hoffman18
Are You Tired or Lazy ?20
How To Use The Big 10Bob Hoffman22
Specializing In Arm DevelopmentBob Hoffman24
Facts - Not TheoriesRay Van Cleef26
West Coast Venus - "Pudgy" Eville StocktonVic Tanny30
Success StoriesSteve Stanko32

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