Strength and Health, March 1942

Table of Contents

Editorial - Physical Fitness In War TimeBob Hoffman3
Letters From Readers4
Who's Who In Weight LiftingTony Terlazzo7
Your Training Problems8
Weightlifting News10
West Coast ColumnVic Tanny10
Shows and Events11
The Future of S. & H.Gord Venables12
S. & H. Leaguers Page13
Incredible But TrueGord Venables15
Emil Bregulla - Ursus The StrongJohn C Grimek16
Don't Suffer From Nervous Strain18
Abdominal DevelopmentBob Hoffman20
1942 Self Improvement ContestAlan Carse21
Building Your VitalityBob Hoffman22
The Four Horsemen24
How Much Sleep Do You NeedDr D A Downing26
A Stronger Heart and LungsBob Hoffman30
A Study In PowerMorrie Marcus31
Success StoriesSteve Stanko32

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