Strength and Health, June 1942

Table of Contents

Editorial - Nervous IndigestionBob Hoffman3
Letters From Readers4
Old Timer's ColumnJohn C Grimek7
Your Training Problems8
Camera Highlights of the Jr NationalsGord Venables10
S. & H. Leaguers Page12
Did Gotch "Beat" Hackenschmidt ?Ray Van Cleef13
Incredible But TrueGord Venables15
Is One Exercise Enough ?16
Best Weightlifters Are Best AthletesDick Zimmerman18
The Ride to GettysburgJoe Zimmerman20
Physical Training of the Jap Soldiers22
Do You Perform These Cable Exercises ?Bob Hoffman23
Second Course of Simplified Dumbell TrainingBob Hoffman24
After 40 - What ?Edward Nelson25
The Mysterious "B" VitaminsDr D A Downing26
1942 Jr National ChampionshipsBob Hoffman30
Success StoriesSteve Stanko32

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