Strength and Health, November 1942

Table of Contents

Editorial - It's An Ill WindBob Hoffman3
Letters From Readers4
Men in the ServiceTony Terlazzo6
Your Training Problems8
West Coast ColumnVic Tanny9
Lifting News11
S. & H. Leaguers' Page12
Incredible But TrueGord Venables13
American Pioneers of WeightliftingSiegmund Klein15
My System of Heavy ExerciseJay C Gee16
If I Had My WayBob Hoffman18
The Blond BomberVic Tanny22
Milcho Silianoff's Own StoryMilcho Silianoff24
Howard Eastman's Own StoryHoward Eastman25
Neurathenia and WeightlftingClarence Colt26
Oh ! DoctorEdward Nelson28
Success StoriesSteve Stanko30
Jules Bacon Goes to a WeddingRobert L Jones33

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