Strength and Health, April 1943

Table of Contents

Editorial - Build Your Mental Muscle TooBob Hoffman3
Letters From Our Readers4
Photo Contest6
Incredible But TrueGord Venables7
Your Training Problems8
Weightlifting News11
Men in the ServiceTony Terlazzo12
S. & H. Leaguers' Page13
Control of the MusclesDr D A Downing15
Development Through Cable TrainingHoward Eastman16
When Man Bites Dog It's NewsDick Zimmerman17
The Shooting of John GrimekGord Venables18
Better Posture for Men and WomenBob Hoffman22
If You Work at NightWib Scharzberger24
Pennell and Cyr Contest for the TitleDick Bachtell25
Muscular Development Trhough BarbellsJohn Duhlin26
Weightlifting CompetitionBob Hoffman28
Success StoriesSteve Stanko30

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