Strength and Health, January 1945

Table of Contents

Editorial - Make 1945 Your Best YearBob Hoffman3
Barbell Men in the ServiceTony Terlazzo4
Especially for S. & H. BoysBob Hoffman8
My Quarter Century in the Iron GameSiegmund Klein12
Give Up Smoking Now !Alan Carse13
Weight Training For Men in BlueJoseph Peters14
Heavy Exercise is BestDr D A Downing16
Fewer Colds This WinterBob Hoffman20
Cuba's Strongest Little Man : Antonio SantosGord Venables21
Bring Out The Tape Measure !Cletus Snelbaker23
Do You Have A Backache ?25
Incredible But TrueGord Venables28
Self Improvement StoriesSteve Stanko30
A Tribute To George PetroskiArthur F Gay33
Weightlifting News44
Letters From Readers46
League News48
Your Training Problems50

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