Strength and Health, April 1946

Table of Contents

Editorial - Put More Pep Into Your BodyBob Hoffman3
Letters From Readers4
The Dumbell Way to Strength and MuscleJake Hitchins6
The Living Anatomical Chart7
An Incredible Stunt8
Incredible But True!Gord Venables8
Facts, Not TheoriesRay Van Cleef9
Strongman QuizRay Van Cleef9
That Back of YoursBob Hoffman11
Try This on Your Swingbar12
Life Begins at 40 Plus!13
Guess Who?14
Prevent That Cold14
The Most Muscular Physique Contest14
Speedskating SupermanGord Venables15
Self Improvement StoriesSteve Stanko16
Especially For S. & H. BoysBob Hoffman18
The Rise and Retirement of TerlazzoAlan Carse20
BarbellesAbbye "Pudgy" Stockton21
The History of the York Barbell ClubBob Hoffman22
Make It YourselfGord Venables23
Perserverance Wins!John A Rice24
Behind The ScenesHarry B Paschall25
Why is it Necessary to Warm Up The Muscles?Bob Hoffman26
The "Guess Who" Winner38
Weightlifting News46
Foreign News47
News of the PastRay Van Cleef48
Your Training Problems50

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