Strength and Health, February 1947

Table of Contents

Editorial - If You Would Like A Better LIfeBob Hoffman3
Coming Events5
"Mr. America" Visits YorkDick Trusdell8
How to Use Your "Big 12" SpecialBob Hoffman11
A Stremlined Strength ShowVic Tanny14
There are Rules in Every Game18
Incredible But TrueGord Venables20
Behind The ScenesHarry B Paschall21
Self Improvement StoriesSteve Stanko22
Sensational Korean LiftersJohn Davis24
BarbellesAbbye "Pudgy" Stockton25
The Prevention and Correction of HerniaBob Hoffman26
Central American Olympics28
The Indestructible ManRay Van Cleef29
World's Heavyweight ChampionshipsBob Hoffman30
Weightlifting NewsBob Hoffman46

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