Strength and Health, January 1948

Table of Contents

Editorial - "The Many Benefits of Stimulating Exercise"...Bob Hoffman3
Where Health BeginsD M Lewis7
Bigger Arms with the Home GymJules Bacon8
Arthur Saxon - A SupermanLeon See10
Incredible But TrueGord Venables12
Behind The ScenesHarry B Paschall13
Abby "Pudgy" Stockton - A Picture of Strength and HealthNorbert B Grueber14
Self Improvement HeroesSteve Stanko16
News and ViewsRay Van Cleef19
The Proven Way - Part 2Father B H B Lange20
Kansas City Cops Capture Muscles!Joe Adelman22
John Fritsche - Builder of MenRobert L Jones24
Photo Contest Winner - Leo Maryck26
The Value of FastingBob Hoffman26
The Inside Story of America's Great Lifting Team28
The Annual Strength ShowWilbur J Smith44
Weightlifting News45
Coming Events48
Your Training Problems50

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