Strength and Health, September 1950

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Starving?Bob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News7
Culture of the AbdomenBob Hoffman9
Tanny Wins "Mr. U.S.A"Lewis Arnold Pike10
S & H Calendar - Victor Nicoletti12
Behind the ScenesHarry B Paschall13
BarbellesAbbye "Pudgy" Stockton14
Value of ExpandersBob Hoffman16
Self Improvement HeroesSteve Stanko19
Can We Rely on Measurements?John C Grimek20
Developing a Mssive ChestJohn Farbotnik21
Strongmen the World OverRay Van Cleef22
Cover Man - Harold ZinkinBruce Conner24
"Mr. Universe" ContestGeorge Walsh26
My Favorite ExerciseJohn C Grimek28
Saxon and the BearskinBob Hasse28
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek50

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