Strength and Health, October 1950

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Are We To Believe?Bob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News7
Weightlifting Builds Better AthletesBob Hoffman9
Exercise PhobiaDr C M Douthitt10
S & H Calendar - Eugen Sandow12
Behind The ScenesHarry B Paschall13
BarbellesAbbye "Pudgy" Stockton14
Self Improvement Contest WinnersSteve Stanko16
Training With the 5 in 1 Muscle BuilderBob Hoffman19
Cover Man - Bud Counts20
Building Bigger ArmsJohn Farbotnik21
Our Prospects at the 1950 World ChampionshipsBob Hoffman22
My Favorite ExerciseSam Loprinzi24
Swaboda's Midnight RideBob Hasse24
EchoesJohn C Grimek25
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef26
Mr. U.S.A. Show - part 2Lewis Arnold Pike28
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek50

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