Strength and Health, January 1955

Table of Contents

Editorial - How Can You Live Without Exercise ?Bob Hoffman3
Weight Lifting News7
1954 World Weight Lifting Championships9
World Championships HighlightsJim Murray10
What's Your Best ?Bill Wilson11
Junior Beauty QueensGeorge R Bruce12
Does Weight Training Stunt Growth?John C Grimek14
The Best Form Of Bodybuilding IIIBob Hoffman16
Success StoriesSteve Stanko20
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef22
Joe Weider and MeReg Park25
Behind The ScenesHarry B Paschall26
Training For Beak ConditionBill Pearl, Leo Stern28
Truths You Should Know About ProteinBob Hoffman30
Photo Contest Winner - Dennis Nelson32
Iron Game IncidentalsPaul Waldman63
Whoo's Whoo in U.S. LiftingBill Wilson64
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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