Strength and Health, December 1956

Table of Contents

Edtiorial - Twenty Years AgoBob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News6
Bodybuilding - Questions and AnswersBob Hoffman8
Who Wants to Be a Monster?10
Breathe Better to Live BetterM Robert Beasley11
Strongmen I Remember Best - George F JowettSiegmund Klein12
Kono's Training SystemTommy Kono13
Barbells and BasketballHarry B Paschall14
And now - MelbourneCharles Coster16
Strongment the World OverRay Van Cleef20
Success StoriesSteve Stanko22
Iron Grapevine24
Behind the ScenesHarry B Paschall26
How Can You Get Enough Protein?Bob Hoffman28
Health and Strength Picnic29
Beware of Unnatural ExercisesJohn C Grimek30
Man of the Month - Tom Sansone32
To the LadiesVera Christensen34
Boys Club36
Letters from Readers64
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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