Strength and Health, April 1958

Table of Contents

Editorial - Mental Stress Can Kill YouBob Hoffman3
Advanced Training MethodsBob Hoffman10
Milk - Most Nearly Perfect FoodDr D A Downing12
Strongmen I Remember BestSiegmund Klein14
Justice Douglas, OutdoorsmanWilliam A Baker15
AAU - Olympic Convention HighlightsBob Hoffman16
Look at the EvidenceBob Hasse19
Success StoriesSteve Stanko20
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef22
The Iron Grapevine24
How Frank Stranahan Trains for GolfLeo Stern26
Man of the Month - Bill Golumbick28
Watch Those Hips !John C Grimek30
Symmetry and HealthArthur F Gay34
The Art of Massage - Part ILloyd D Garner36
To the LadiesVera Christensen38
Boys Club40
Weightlifting News42
To the Editor64
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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