Strength and Health, December 1958

Table of Contents

Editorial - You Should Stop SmokingBob Hoffman3
Weightlifting News6
Technique of the Squat SnatchBob Hoffman12
Clyde Takes a BrideBob Hasse14
A Champion Among ChampionsRay Van Cleef16
A New Hi-ProteenBob Hoffman18
Weights and Winning TennisJack Segurson20
Improement Contest WinnersSteve Stanko22
Development Will ImproveEarle E Liederman24
The Iron Grapevine26
Strongmen I Remember Best - Louis HartSiegmund Klein28
Bodybuilding with CablesJohn C Grimek30
Man of the Month - George Schultz32
Improve Your ChestTom Sansone, Bob Hasse34
To the LadiesVera Christensen38
Boys Club40
Camera Can Tell a LieJack MacPhee42
To the Editor64
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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