Strength and Health, October 1959

Table of Contents

Editorial - Why Do They Do It?Bob Hoffman3
To the Editor7
W/L News and Teen-Age Report10
The Lower BackBob Hoffman14
Hossein ShokouhEarle E Liederman16
Natural Food is BestDr D A Downing18
Strongmen the World OverRay Van Cleef20
Success StoriesSteve Stanko22
Is Weightlifting Dangerous?A M Gibson24
The Iron Grapevine26
Weight Training for Football PlayersJohn Neumann28
Muscles That Last a LifetimeJohn C Grimek30
Man of the Month - Bob Berry32
Training after a LayoffTom Sansone, Bob Hasse34
Ski's Training Tips: The PressBob Hasse37
To the LadiesVera Christensen38
Boys Club40
Judo InstructoinJoe Knight42
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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