Strength and Health, October 1962

Table of Contents

Editorial - Boys And Girls Are Encouraged To SmokeBob Hoffman3
To The Editor7
Weightlifting News10
How It BeganSiegmund Klein13
Strength Through The AgesDavid Willoughby13
Japan's Mightiest MiteKenji Onuma14
World Coaching ClinicBob Hoffman16
A New Hi-Proteen ProductBob Hoffman19
Success StoriesSteve Stanko20
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef22
In Defense Of Weight TrainingRay Routledge24
Gallery Of GreatsCharles Jenkins Jr25
The Iron Grapevine26
Gym vs Home TrainingJohn C Grimek28
My Mr America StoryJoe Abbenda30
Man Of The Month32
Senator Goldwater's BarbellWilliam A Baker34
A Man To Be AdmiredEarle E Liederman36
To The LadiesVera Christensen38
High School FitnessPaul Uram40
The NeckEarle E Liederman42
Your Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek66

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