Strength and Health, February 1964

Table of Contents

Editorial - How Does It Feel To Be 65 Years Of Age?Bob Hoffman5
To The Editor9
Weightlifting News12
Prison Postal Meet14
World Championships Action ReportBob Hoffman16
What Type Of Training Is Best?Bob Hoffman20
Strength Through The AgesDavid Willoughby21
Vitamins, Minerals, and Gaining WeightBob Hoffman22
Success StoriesSteve Stanko24
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef26
Man Of The Month - Thomas Helms28
Exercise After 40Samuel Homola30
Farewell To Antone MatysekBob Hasse32
The Iron Grapevine34
NAA's Physical Fitness ProgramPaul Castle36
To The Ladies - Training Routine of Ski Champion Sandra VitvitskyVera Christensen40
The Importance Of Leg WorkVern Weaver42
Meet Mike DadiganEarle E Liederman46
Britain's Weight-Trained Lady Jumper - Stella JacobsZenta Thomas50
Gallery Of GreatsCharles Jenkins Jr53
Boys' Club54
Muscle Humor56
Tips On Good Eating57
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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