Strength and Health, March 1964

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Most Important Essential of Health, part 1Bob Hoffman5
To The Editor10
Weightlifting News12
The Dedicated Louis MartinDave Webster15
Naval Academy Turns To WeightliftingJoe Fournier16
Behind The ScenesHarry J McLaughlin20
New Editor Appointed by Bob Hoffman20
Three Methods To Exercise AbdomenBob Hoffman22
Success StoriesSteve Stanko24
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef26
Cover Man - Val VasilieffHarry J McLaughlin28
What Has Become Of Monte Wolford?Earle E Liederman32
Dirty Water Is Plaguing NationBob Hoffman34
The Iron Grapevine36
To The Ladies - Lovely Figures and the Feminine BonestructureVera Christensen38
My Views On Back DevelopmentVern Weaver40
Water Ski Champion Butch PetersonBill Pearl44
Man Of The Month - Allan Keane48
Man of Steel Lifting at Age 71 - Steve MinnajiWilliam A Baker50
Weight Training In Grade SchoolsLeroy Barney52
Wes Hardin, Lifter Or Entertainer?Donne Hale54
Muscle Humor58
Tips On Good Eating59
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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