Strength and Health, May 1964

Table of Contents

Editorial - Two Strikes Against The American Olympic Team, part 1Bob Hoffman5
To The Editor10
Weightlifting News12
Real Life Story Of Tommy KonoHarry J McLaughlin14
Strongmen The World Over: Joie RayRay Van Cleef20
Regulate Cigarette Advertising!Maurine B Neuberger22
Lifters Corner - Joe Dube JrJohn Terpak24
Success StoriesSteve Stanko26
The Iron Grapevine28
The Truth About Fats And Oils, part 2Bob Hoffman30
How To Diet, part 2Samuel Homola31
Weight Training And The MiracleJohn McCallum32
Curves By BruceGeorge R Bruce34
Miss World Body Beautiful Photo Contest34
Mr America's Sensible Exercise TechniquesVern Weaver38
Behine The Scenes: With The Al Hall'sHarry J McLaughlin42
Man Of The Month - Norman Bedell44
To The Ladies - Your Body Is Precious - Stay Physically FitVera Christensen46
Different Muscualr FormationsEarle E Liederman48
Luck, Accident or Plan?Paul Flick50
Muscle Humor52
The Healthy PersonsBob Hoffman53
Tips On Good Eating57
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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