Strength and Health, August 1964

Table of Contents

Editorial - Our Rules of Healthful LivingBob Hoffman5
Weightlifting News8
Results 1964 Jr Mr America Physique Contest10
Results 1964 Jr National Wieghtlifting10
To The Editor12
The Battle For ReinstatmentJules Bacon14
Success StoriesSteve Stanko16
Strongmen The World OverRay Van Cleef18
The Home Of Champions - Los Angeles Athletic ClubPeggy St George20
Analysis of Championship LiftingDave Webster24
Shelly Berryman - From Barbells To Bonus BabyRay Saxson26
Swing Your Way To A Muscular TorsoBob Hoffman28
Weightlifting In The Peace CorpsCarl Miller30
I'm The Strongest Little Man In The WorldLouis Vaschek32
Man Of The Month - Byron Hudson33
Chest Expanders For Muscular Size and StrengthBob Hoffman34
The Routine Of Coverman Doug BettsDick Falcon36
The Iron GrapevineTommy Suggs, Gord Venables40
Let The Sun Feed Your MusclesDr D A Downing42
To The Ladies - Clisthenics For The ExperiencedVera Christensen44
Nutrition For Young AdultsBob Hoffman46
Miss World Beautiful Photo Contest48
Lifter's Corner - Gary ClevelandJohn Terpak50
Muscle Humor52
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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