Strength and Health, March 1965

Table of Contents

Editorial - BirthdaysBob Hoffman5
Letters To The Editor9
Weightlifting News10
Self Improvement ContestJohn C Grimek12
Barbells On Campus - Bloomsburg State CollegeJoseph Figliolino16
Mighty MittsTerry Todd20
Behind The ScenesTommy Suggs24
Nutrition At The OlympicsBob Hoffman26
Rack Work For BodybuildingVal Vasilieff30
Boys' Club - Jim Kenyon - Dallas Strongboy34
Lifter's Corner - Geza TothSandor Gere36
Iron GrapevineTommy Suggs, Terry Todd38
The Ancient Sport Of Sumo, part 1Yasusuke Toyama40
Exercise For YoungstersSamuel Homola42
Success StoriesSteve Stanko46
Best Lifters At The Tokyo OlympicsBob Hoffman48
Meet Roger HawkinsEarle E Liederman50
To The Ladies - Exercises For The DancerVera Christensen54
Miss World Body Beautiful56
Man Of The Month - Jerry Wallace58
Muscle Humor60
Tips On Good Eating61
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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