Strength and Health, April 1967

Table of Contents

Editorial - Twilight Of LIfeBob Hoffman5
Letters To The Editor9
Weightlifting News10
Keys To Progress - Desire - The Secret of SuccessJohn McCallum12
How Many Reps? How Many Sets?Morris Weissbrot14
Barbells On Campus - Ohio State UniversityRoger Altemus16
Why Train With Weights, part 1A M Gibson20
Ted Brown - Mr New JerseyTommy Suggs22
Ibrahim Shams, The Miracle ManCharles Coster26
The ABC's Of Protein, part 2Bob Hoffman28
Behind The Scenes - Russian CriticismTommy Suggs30
Success StoriesSteve Stanko34
Iron GrapevineTommy Suggs, Bill Starr36
Lifter Of The Year - Robert BednarskiBill Starr38
Mr America Series - Thigh DevelopmentBob Gajda40
There Is Just One DiseaseBob Hoffman44
What's New In YorkBob Hoffman46
Boys' Club48
Man Of The Month - Eugene Dickerson50
To The Ladies - Fit After FortyVera Christensen52
Speaking Out - The Value Of SportBarry Whitcomb56
Hats Off - David Matlin57
Tips On Good Eating59
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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