Strength and Health, July 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Best InvestmentBob Hoffman5
Letters To The Editor9
Weightlifting News10
Keys To Progress - The Impressive AreasJohn McCallum12
From a 115 Press To A World RecordGeorge Pickett14
Randy Matson - Sullivan Award WinnerSpec Gammon16
Behind The Scenes - The Most Common ErrorTommy Suggs20
Mr America Series - Trim Your MidsectionDennis Tinerino22
GrapevineTommy Suggs, Bill Starr26
Pictorial Report of Russians in MexicoTommy Kono28
Bodybuilding For Beginners - Heel RaiseBob Gajda30
Lifter's Corner - Tommy SuggsBill Starr32
Barbell Men In The ServiceSteve Stanko34
Nutrition - LivitalBob Hoffman36
Work The Handstand Into Your WorkoutSamuel Homola38
Join The Hoffman FoundationBob Hoffman40
Research and The Weight ManRichard Morrison41
The Win Franklin StoryKarl Faeth42
Get The Most Out Of The SunBob Hoffman44
Man Of The Month - Robert Moore46
The Most Important Food Element - ProteinBob Hoffman48
Message From The National AAU Weightlifting ChairmanJohn Terpak50
To The Ladies - Success For Ona BatemanVera Christensen52
Hats Off - Tom Snelrove56
Speaking Out - The National CollegiatesBill Starr57
Tips On Good EatingKay Suggs, Marlene Starr58
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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