Strength and Health, August 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Look Into The PastBob Hoffman5
Junior National Action Report10
Keys To Progress - SupplementsJohn McCallum12
Russian Training Methods, Part 6Arkady Vorobyev14
The Direct Approach to BodybuildingJohn C Grimek18
National Collegiates and Region II ReportBob Hoffman20
Barbells On Campus - Kendall CollegeKen Wyle22
Behind The Scenes - Strengthening The Pulling MusclesTommy Suggs24
Mr America Series - Developing A Proportionate PhysiqueDennis Tinerino26
GrapevineTommy Suggs, Bill Starr30
Lifter's Corner - Mike KarchutFred Schutz32
Mastery of the Mind in WeightliftingRobert W Smith34
A Fabulous Sorce of Nutrition - LivitalBob Hoffman36
Montana Kid - Buoyant Health at 78Y S Ko38
Be A Part of America's FutureBob Hoffman40
Is Toe Touching Dangerous?Mark Reid41
Protein Needs Between Infancy and AdolescenceBob Hoffman42
Success StoriesSteve Stanko44
Bodybuilding For Beginners - Lateral RaiseBob Gajda46
The Four Great DoctorsBob Hoffman48
Man Of The Month - 50
To The Ladies - Figure ProblemsVera Christensen52
Hats Off - Bob Crist56
Speaking Out - On Weightlifting AwardsBill Starr57
Tips On Good EatingKay Suggs, Marlene Starr58
Letters To THe Editor80
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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