Strength and Health, November 1968

Table of Contents

Editorial - Roads To HappinessBob Hoffman5
Letters To The Editor9
Weightlifting News10
Keys To Progress - Bulking UpJohn McCallum12
Olympic Tryouts Action ReportBob Hoffman14
1968 Teen-Age Mr America: Ken CovingtonBob Bendel20
Oregon State Track ProgramPat O'Shea24
Behind The Scenes - That Magic FormulaTommy Suggs26
Mr America Series - Chest DevelopmentJim Haislop28
A Summer In YorkBill Starr32
Lifter's Corner - Roman MielecDon Reed34
Japanese Training MethodsKenji Onuma36
GrapevineTommy Suggs, Bill Starr38
Where Does Energol Get Its Energy?Bob Hoffman40
Nutrition and The EdisonsBob Hoffman42
Man Of The Month - Curt Haywood44
How To Test And Strengthen Your BackSamuel Homola46
Join the Hoffman FoundationBob Hoffman50
Overeating and OverweightRichard Morrison51
The Proof of the PuddingBob Hoffman52
To The Ladies - Introducing Sylvia HandVera Christensen54
Speaking Out - Courtesy At The Mr AmericaBob Crist56
Criticisms Of The Senior NationalsJoe Puleo57
Tips On GOod EatingKay Suggs, Marlene Starr58
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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