Strength and Health, December 1968

Table of Contents

70th Birthday Wishes To Bob6
Editorial - The Four Phases of My LifeBob Hoffman12
Keys To Progress - Fountain of Youth, Part 2John McCallum14
Behind The Scenes - The American SystemTommy Suggs16
Russian Training MethodsArkady Vorobyev18
The Gilbert Hansen StoryLarry Hanneman22
GrapevineTommy Suggs, Bill Starr24
Mr America Series - Thigh DevelopmentJim Haislop26
Lifter's Corner - Peter RawlukBill Starr30
Bob Backus' Pulling ProgramBob Backus32
Life Begins At SixtyDick Landis34
Man Of The Month - Don Peters36
On Gaining WeightBob Hoffman38
Protein Needs For Adolescents and Young AdultsBob Hoffman40
Extra - Olympic Weightlifting Results From Mexico City42
Join The Hoffman FoundationBob Hoffman42
Weight Lifter Of The Year - Bob Hoffman43
Introducting Vince PenaRalph Countryman44
Barbell Men In The ServiceSteve Stanko46
Jogging - The Easy ExerciseCarlson Wade48
To The Ladies - PostureVera Christensen50
Speaking Out - A Lesson From Jack KingBill Starr52
Weightlifting News - Canadian Olympic Trails54
Tips On Good EatingKay Suggs, Marlene Starr58
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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