Strength and Health, June 1969

Table of Contents

Editorial - Decide For YourselfBob Hoffman3
Letters To The Editor9
A Muscular MidsectionBill Starr10
Water Ski This SummerGeorge Tarsha12
Aerobic Weight TrainingPat O'Shea14
The Apartment-Sized GymRichard Green16
How To Strengthen Your Heart and Reduce Your BodyweightSamuel Homola18
Sunshine Could Save Your LifeBob Hoffman22
To The Ladies - Female FirmersVera Christensen24
The New Nixon Park28
Protein Needs After 25Bob Hoffman30
Facts About Weight Training For YoungstersTommy Suggs32
GrapevineBill Starr, Don Reed34
The Japanese Frog-Style Snatch, part 2Kenji Onuma36
Lifter's Corner - Gary GlenneyDon Reed40
Keys To Progress - For a Big ChestJohn McCallum42
Mr America Series - The Magic Four: Diet, Rest, Exercise, and Peace of MindJim Haislop44
The Phil Zimmerman StoryDick Falcon48
Man of the Month - Fanie DuToit50
A Wnder FoodBob Hoffman52
Monroe Jacyees Weightlifting Classic54
Weightlifting News56
Tips On Good EatingMarlene Starr58
Ask The DoctorJohn R Pulskamp82

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